De-Stressing the Holidays

Regardless of what Holidays you celebrate, during this coming season, the one thing that our culture does together, is get stressed!

On top of work, home, and life commitments, there are a whole range of expectations we simply breathe in and absorb.

Expectations to feel cozy and connected with friends/family/loved ones.

Expectations to spend extra time with friends and family.

Expectations to buy gifts/send cards to people.

Expectations to recreate the joy and wonder of the season – for ourselves/for our children/for our friends and family.

 The expectations go on…  I’m sure you could easily add to the list!

 One of the best tools for de-stressing the Holidays, is to sit down now, before they start, and outline what expectations are driving you the most, what ones do indeed resonate, what ones do NOT resonate, and set a realistic idea of how YOU want this holiday season to be. By bringing awareness to these unconscious expectations that drive you, you’re able to decrease the stress they produce, and be proactive about creating a Holiday season that aligns with your values, your resources, and your path.

 If you need help with this process, feel free to contact me! Having an outside, objective person to process this with, helps put you back into the driver’s seat more quickly.

 Nancy Johnson Smith