Do You Allow the Holidays to Ring Your Bell?

It’s early October and the holidays are coming! Has anyone asked you if you have started your Christmas shopping? Halloween is next, then Thanksgiving, each of which is almost forgotten due to the ads for gifts, as well as the Christmas movies that are about to begin! Are you in the mood for the holidays, or are you beginning to feel the stress?

It is normal to feel the pressures of the holidays. If you have in-laws, or family that do not live in the area, you might need to reach a consensus on who to visit on what day. If you have young children, they might become upset thinking Santa Claus won’t know where to find them if they are not in their own home. If you have married children, you will miss them on the special days if they aren’t with you, but know that their lives have changed as they are creating their own traditions with their new family.  If that is not enough, there is the added pressure of the extra expenses associated with the holidays.

How often have we heard or even said, “I’ll be glad when the holidays are over”? Is there a way to deal with all of this? Yes! Routine is important as is the right and obligation to look after you. You can’t do it all and that’s okay. It is important to find humor in some of the chaos. Let’s talk about it before the holidays and say up front, “I will be okay and learn to once again capture some the warm feelings that I remember as a child as I make my own new traditions.”