Family of Origin-A Call to Heal

Often as we come up on the Holiday Season, unresolved issues with our families of origin poke their heads up.

For some of us, it is a treat to spend extra time with our family of origin… but for many of us, it is a grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it, sort of thing.

Old patterns of relating, left over from our childhood, or teen years, insert themselves back into our adult lives.

We can find ourselves regressing into people we don’t like to be, when around our families.

Old jealousies, power struggles, feeling ‘less than’, falling into old roles…  all color the experience.


Recognizing that these dynamics are here is the first step towards healing them.

One of the gifts you can give yourself is the chance to sit down and talk with someone about what’s happening here. Becoming aware of these patterns and putting them out on the table, where you can look at them in the plain light of day is the first step towards changing them.


Receiving feedback and insight from someone who understands this growth process, helps it to shift more quickly, and easily, than if you struggled with it alone.


It’s natural to have these difficulties cycle back through. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity, to heal them, so you won’t be faced with the same pattern playing out year after year.


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Nancy Johnson Smith