Someone asked me the difference between life coaching and therapy, so I wanted to try to give it more clarity.


I have been in private practice as a licensed clinical social work for nine years.  Over the years, I began to not only use a personal coach, but also began learning to be a coach. 


A coach works in the present, usually on external issues and sessions look to the future.  It is collaborative (you and the coach work together) and it is goal-oriented. 

Coaching is not billed to insurance, there is no diagnosis-designed treatment plan and no signed commitments.  It is action-oriented, solution-oriented and goal-oriented. 

A coach might ask, “What is next for you?” always moving forward.


A therapist works in the past and present, and usually on internal issues.  A therapist learns about your past and gathers a history. 

A coach uses a discovery session where they get to know you better, learn what you hope to gain from coaching and what your goals are.


Things I do:


I do combine some aspects of life coaching into my therapy sessions.

I also verbalize that I take confidentiality very seriously, however in instances of suicidal ideation, abuse, neglect or other issues as defined by the law requires, confidentially will be broken as I am a mandatory reporter.