Losing Our Masks – Shifting Our Relationships

I ran across this quote today, and it got me thinking…, “Sometimes it’s not the people who change; it’s the mask that falls off.”

Have you ever noticed that when you’re changing, there are some people in your life who get offended or frightened of the change, and there are others who celebrate, support, and encourage you in the process?

The above quote sheds a great deal of light on why this is.

Those people who have entered into a relationship with the persona we’ve presented (our mask), will understandably become upset or frightened, when we begin to become someone they don’t recognize. That is a threat to the very basis of the relationship, and they will often fight quite fiercely to keep the relationship on familiar ground.

And those people who have seen and recognized us, behind our masks, will celebrate, support, and encourage us to drop the false personas we’ve carried, as what they appreciate is the person that we really are.

This understanding can help you be compassionate with the people who fight your change… even if it means you might need to withdraw from the relationship. You can appreciate why it is difficult for them.

As you recognize those supportive people in your life who see and support you emerging authentically, cherish those relationships, and look at shifting the balance of whom you spend time with, to move towards these life giving connections!

Nancy Johnson Smith