Always the Protector…

A loss is defined as, “the fact or process of losing something or someone, and/or the state or feeling of grief when deprived of someone or something of value.” This can be about such as I have written below, a relationship, a significant life change, or any other kind of ending. How one is affected is different with every person depending on whether they have lost many, a few, and also how your family of origin handled the loss of something or someone.

July 27, 2016
One year ago today, I had to make the most heart-wrenching decision of my life. Besides my father, it has been the most significant loss I have ever felt.

Felix gave me his best for years. He began to show some challenging health issues a year after acquiring him. He lived to be 11, until I had to set him free of his pain. He was a very special, highly trained dog, that I acquired after a great deal of thought and at a significant time in my life. He was a “working” dog that protected until the end. I have much more to say, in the future about loss, as well as about Felix, but this will have to do for now.

Felix, you are imprinted in my heart and soul forever.
I miss you!

All this for an animal? Hell yes!

Loss is not something that I specialize in, but understand that no one is exempt from the pain. I wanted to share, as I am not alone in someone who has experienced grief.
Whether an animal or human, it takes a strong person to let something or someone go. This is also about many things in life. I’m still working through the tears. (Learning to be vulnerable and feel feelings sometimes sucks!)