What is Self-Talk and Why is it So Important?

What is self-talk?  A conversation we have in our head…our thoughts.  They can be positive or negative.  Most times, we are not aware of our thoughts.  Take a minute, what are you thinking?  Make it into a sentence.  Is it a positive statement or a negative statement?  If you are finding that you are making negative statements more often to self, practice changing that negative statement into a positive one.   Let’s say that we have a negative thought, which produces a mood such as sadness or anxiety, then a behavior (what we actually do such as wringing hands or crying) and then how we physically feel such as a headache, stomachache, hands sweat, or an increase in heart rate.  This happens many times a day and often is a vicious cycle.  Do you feel aches and pains and don’t know where they come from? The following diagram will show the clock-wise process.


Physical Feeling                                         Mood


Change those thoughts to positive ones and notice how much better you feel!